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If you are looking to do the whole walk or just a few sections and intend camping on track you will find all the info you need on this page.

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For those intending to stay off track in more sumptuous surrounds you will find a wide range of accommodation venues, tours, shuttle services and lots more throughout this site.

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In choosing private accommodation through this website you will be dealing direct with the owners. They will not have to pay any commission to a booking site and you will end up with the best possible deal.

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Walking was never easier!

Whether you are camping on track or staying off track it has never been easier to experience Australia’s premier walking trail – the Great Ocean Walk. If you are the type who likes to go it alone simply check out our on track page for all the info you will need. Pay the fees, book the campsites and pack your backpack. If you prefer a few more creature comforts then grab yourself a cup of tea and have a good look at all the available options. There is plenty of private accommodation venues along and close by the trail, from budget to Great Ocean Road luxury accommodation. There’s nothing better than soaking in a spa at the end of a glorious day’s walk. This site will also introduce you to various Great Ocean Walk tours and services including shuttle services. There are quite a few local Great Ocean Walk tour companies which are expert at introducing you to the pros & cons of both guided and unguided walks, some of them long running, local, family businesses. However you approach this walk it is definitely a must do – a bucket lister. The Great Ocean Walk will not only enable you to travel through both the Great Otway National Park and the Port Campbell National Park but also to experience two marine parks – Marengo Reef, complete with a large & permanent population of fur seals and the 12 Apostles Marine Park with its resident fairy penguins.

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The Great Ocean Walk is eco certified Advanced Ecotourism. It offers a sustainable, nature based tourism experience which is environmentally, economically and socially responsible. The Great Ocean Walk is a pristine environment. Please do not litter the track and take all your rubbish with you.

Great Ocean Walk Map

If you’re the type of person who likes an actual paper map there is a great one available from Parks Victoria. This Great Ocean Walk map has loads of  information which can be very useful, especially if you are camping on track. This official information guide and map to the Great Ocean Walk is a full colour Parks Victoria map and gives all the details you’ll need to navigate the Great Ocean Walk safely. The Great Ocean Walk Information Guide and Map is available from Parks Victoria by calling 13 1963 or from the Great Ocean Road Apollo Bay Visitor Information Centre. It can be purchased during business hours or by credit card over the phone on 1300 689 297.


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The Great Ocean Walk

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Great Ocean Walk Weather

When is the best time to do the Great Ocean Walk?

That is a question not easily answered. The Great Ocean Walk is in southwest Victoria which has 4 distinct seasons. Within each of these seasons however, the weather can vary quite considerably. You can experience four seasons in the one day – nothing is written in stone. Victorian weather is notoriously fickle. High and low pressure systems and fronts move across the state from west to east and bring with them very changeable weather patterns. Having said that, summer is usually when we get our hottest weather and it can get really hot! 35 degrees and above is not uncommon but this extreme weather usually doesn’t last long. Mostly, summer is very pleasant and as a result this is peak season for tourists and walkers. If you want less people on the track you might like to come in spring or autumn and even winter. Crisp, sunny winter days are simply magic and you’ll have the track to yourself.

Summer (Dec – Feb):

Avg temp: 22°C
Avg monthly rainfall: 37mm
Avg rainy days per month: 9

Autumn (Mar – May):

Avg temp: 21°C
Avg monthly rainfall: 62mm
Avg rainy days per month: 13


Winter (Jun – Aug):

Avg temp: 14°C
Avg monthly rainfall: 84mm
Avg rainy days per month: 19

Spring (Sep – Nov):

Avg temp: 19°C
Avg monthly rainfall: 64mm
Avg rainy days per month: 15

Local Tip

Everyone has their own idea about how they would like to do the Walk. Some walkers do the lot while others only do a section or two. This depends on a host of factors like your level of fitness, time available and what type of accommodation you prefer. If you like top end accommodation we suggest The Boomerangs at Johanna. They are located in the middle of the Walk and can provide a free shuttle service to guests for sections of the Walk which are close by. If guests intend to do more they are referred to one of the local Great Ocean Walk shuttle services. Enjoy your walking by day and appreciate relaxing in the evening. If it’s cold light the log fire; if it’s hot crank up the aircon but most of all reinvigorate yourself in the spa and ready yourself for the next day.

If you’re looking for more information in the vicinity of the Great Ocean Walk then we suggest the websites below. Both the Great Ocean Road region and the Great Otway National Park are prime tourist destinations and offer a wealth of attractions for eager tourists. Both of these websites have loads of information on accommodation, where to go, what to see, things to do, tours, services and so on. If you intend to venture a little further on we suggest you have a look at Port Fairy Accommodation if you are travelling west or Bellarine Peninsula Accommodation and Mornington Peninsula Accommodation if you are travelling east. Happy holidays.